Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monday 4 August 2014

I have been disgruntled with the modern world lately, not that that comes as too much of a surprise!!  The gospel according to Facebook, processed food, and kids with IPads constantly in their hands, as who knows what would happen if their hands, or minds, were left idle for even a few minutes…

But yesterday I 'walked to the woods' with Mr C, and his school class.  Every time I have the opportunity to participate, it is like a breath of fresh air, and re-inspires me that all is not lost.  A bubbling group of 8 year olds whose teacher has decided that the best education isn't always found in the classroom.  Every Monday afternoon, rain, hail or shine, they don their backpacks, and walk from the school to the local reserve better know to them as 'the magic woods'.  

They sit and eat their lunch, then they are free, to be kids!  Explore, make beds of sour grass, uncover nests of baby scorpions, check that no wildlife was hurt in the nesting box after the big tree had come down in the storm, and on and on they go.  Every week there are new adventures, things have changed, the nests that they saw being built at the end of winter now have baby birds in them, the stream that was a dry bed is now flowing, brown becomes green and then brown again...    

They notice stuff, these kids.

I like it.