Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday 19 August 2014

A couple of Sunday's ago I decided to start a new family tradition. I named it Sunday Mini Road Trips!  The kind of lets get in the car and go to 'wherever'!  For our first mini road trip, I made the suggestion at 12pm that we get in the car and go for a drive to fed square for the afternoon.  So we did!  Made some sandwiches and hot chocolates for the hour drive in.  Had a look at a craft exhibition that was on, mosied through the art gallery bookshop, had a beer (well, we did, kids were obviously happy with lemonade) in the rather delicious bar in there, took some cool snaps, got in the car, and drove home again!  Successful afternoon all round.  Didn't cost the earth.  And it felt spontaneous and fun!  Now I am thinking of all sorts of places we can go on future Sunday Mini Road Trips….

PS  And I found a crocheted car!  BONUS!!

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